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Graphic Identity for Venture - Art Jewellery Exhibition​

I created this visual identity for a group of jewellery artists. They organized an exhibition of a set of jewellery they had created around the theme venture, journey. Journey. in the way they defined could mean a physical journey, mental journey or journey to within oneself. I designed a logo and a key image for the exhibition. The colours were picked from a set of photos the group had gotten taken for advertising purposes so that all the exhibition material would match.


Venture made me think of maps. No matter what the journey means to oneself, they will always have a map - guidance. Guidance can be collected from several people one comes across during their life, it can be literature or experience. From this content a person always creates a scenery for the journey, physical and mental, where there are certain objects and obstacles they need to get around or cross. Understanding life events as a scenery is so sewed to the way people make their every day life make sense that we even have the terms uphill and downhill to describe the state of ones life. 


I created an illustration resembling topographic maps and turned it into a more abstract image. All the lines were hand drawn so that there would be something of the same feeling that old maps have.  Image has uphills and downhills - just like every journey one has does.   

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