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Julia Sand

Master of Arts 

New Media Design and Production 
Aalto University

Bachelor of Culture and Art

Major graphic Design
Lahti Institute of Art and Design 


Current occupation

50% UX/UI designer at realworld one

50% Freelancer, design generalist


I'm a multidisciplinary visual designer from the greater Helsinki area. I have several years of experience in different agencies and I've worked both as a designer as well as led a small team in design projects.  

My goal is to create designs that not only function effectively and resonate with the target audience but are also inventive and aesthetically pleasing. I get great satisfaction from being able to conduct the whole design process from the initial discovery phase and explorative conceptualization process to beautiful and well-functioning digital services. Finding the perfect equilibrium between functionality and creativity is a challenge I don't get tired of solving from project to project.

With visual design, I like to add a dash of experimental quality to my work and push myself to find new unseen concepts. I enjoy creating and diligently polishing pixel-perfect graphic assets from illustrations to layout products and animations. 

I'm also very passionate about the futuristic possibilities of interactive technologies. I'm intrigued by how to harness the interactive dimension within the realm of design. In my time at realworld one, designing XR solutions for the pharmaceutical sector, I have gathered a comprehensive knowledge of UX/UI design for XR use cases. Before that, my experience with Agenda Helsinki and Emblica offered me a great overlook of a variety of design fields from branding, illustration, and animation to designing digital services, going through the double diamond approach from design research and conceptualizing to final UX/UI plans and managing and supporting the development team in the implementation process and client deliveries. 

My roles at realworld one, Agenda Helsinki, Emblica, and MKTG, as well as my extensive freelancing experience, have afforded me a comprehensive perspective on both visual design and UX/UI design and I've had an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prominent public and private sector organizations in Finland.

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