Julia Sand


I'm a multidisciplinary visual designer from the greater Helsinki area. I have several years of experience in agencies. I've worked both a designer as well as lead the design projects. 

I like to add a dash of experimental quality in my work and push myself to find new unseen concepts that are not only more functional and communicate to the target group well but are also inventive and aesthetically pleasing. Finding a perfect balance between the functionality and creativity is an interesting challenge I don't get tired to solve. 


I'm also very passionate about the futuristic possibilities of interactive technologies . I'm interested how to utilise interactive dimension in the design work. In my time at Aalto University I have gathered a comprehensive knowledge of interactive design and art as well as AR and VR technologies. 

During my time at MKTG and Agenda Helsinki I have designed visuals for brands like Coca cola, VR, HSL, DNA, Nissan, Atria, Arla, Alko, The City of Helsinki and more.

At the moment I work as a freelancer.


I work as a regular freelancer at digital design agency Agenda Helsinki and I belong to Aivela communications agency's expert network.

I'm open to comissions. 


Bachelor's degree in Culture and Art, Majoring in graphic Design in 2017 from Lahti Institute of Art and Design (LAMK)

Finishing Master's thesis at Aalto University in the department of New Media Design and Production, 2 years of completed studies. 



+358 (0)44 570 0427