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Illustration and visualization


Illustrations stand out effectively. A brand's defined illustration style proves invaluable in enhancing memorability amidst a photo-saturated world. Tailoring illustrations for articles or publication covers reinforces your message creatively, amplifying its impact on your target audience. 

Well-crafted illustrations captivate attention and complement associated text, shaping the overall atmosphere. Illustrations break the masses and make the information more approachable and easier to absorb.


Infographic illustrations are very functional in explaining and instructing. They make the content easier to understand. A well-designed infographic transforms the information absorption experience from laborious to effortless.


My experience spans editorial cover illustrations, DNA Business visuals, and infographics for Helsinki City. I've also crafted animated campaign illustrations and social media campaign infographics.

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User experience and user interface design

User experience is crucial in any digital product. When users struggle to locate information or navigate your website or interface, it can profoundly impact your goals and potentially incur significant costs.

Investing in user experience tools and conventions when evaluating and designing your site proves highly beneficial. These methodologies encompass site analysis, the creation of user personas, and mapping user pathways. Conducting interviews with end users and stakeholders, as well as organizing user tests, often yields fruitful insights.


Well-structured sprints in the form workshops can be eye opening experiences. They are based on the methods of participatory design inviting all stakeholders at the same table to innovate. Effective ways of sharing knowledge gives everyone a better understanding of the users and their needs and are useful for rapid generation of creative and well-informed ideas. 

Interface design typically thrives on rapid prototyping. Proficiency with the right tools makes it easy to create interactive mockups for testing and idea sharing before delving into coding. Coding is labor-intensive, and post-implementation changes can be arduous and costly. Modern design tools and methods are indispensable for preemptive testing, averting post-implementation problem-solving expenses.


I can provide a full spectrum of digital design, from UX background research through wire framing and prototyping to final layouts, interaction mockups and visual handoff plans to developers. I have experience working with accessibility requirements and WCAG 2.1. I have worked in UX projects for several clients, such as Waltti public transport services, Helsinki City’s website as well as XR products for Bosch, Hologic and more.

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Graphic identities

A unified graphic identity serves a multitude of purposes, be it for companies, products, events, or campaigns. It stands as a cornerstone of a brand, capable of forging such potent visual associations that that the name of the company or product doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

Graphic identities help people remember your brand and helps to keep your company relevant. For an emerging company well executed identity is an effective tool to become one of the recognised agents in their fields.
Visual world associated with brand can be used to communicate market positioning, target groups and other dimensions of the company what merely the name of a company can’t. 


Inquire more about 

  • Graphic identities for companies or sub-brands 

  • Event and campaign identities

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With years of experience, my graphic design services cover a wide range of applications. I can expertly craft advertisements for both print and digital platforms, design brochures, create social media banners, posters, cards, menus, publications, and more. Whether building designs from the ground up or incorporating existing brand or campaign assets, I can accommodate your needs. I'm available for commissions of all scales, from crafting personalized event graphic materials like weddings to executing commercial campaigns.

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Motion Design

Motion instantly enhances the appeal and visibility of images in today's constant stream of information, whether online or in urban settings. Kinetic visuals prove invaluable in the realm of social media advertising, and animated campaigns find resonance on public transport screens and within shopping centers. I stand ready to collaborate with you in crafting attention-grabbing kinetic campaigns, whether in the form of longer animations or motions assets for videos, GIFs, or HTML5 banners. 

Animated infographics serve as powerful tools for conveying complex information effectively. They excel in documentaries, factual content, product explainers, content marketing, and instructional materials. I can assist you in transforming your script into engaging infographics, guiding you through the animation format, storyboard creation, and visual asset development, culminating in a captivating 2D animation.

Additionally, I offer support in establishing a dynamic graphic identity tailored for video applications. This typically encompasses elements like logo reveals, animated name tags, and other typography. It can extend to intro animations, infographic animations, and other animated assets as needed.

Beyond these services, I am open to other forms of 2D animation work and can explore short 3D animation projects upon request.

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