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Graphic Identity for Baltic Jazz Festival 2015-2019

  • ​Art direction, illustration

  • Handling the client relationship and the creative conceptualization process

  • Design and layouts for advertising, layout products, and merchandise

  • Illustration of the campaign key visual

During the years spanning from 2015 to 2019, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Baltic Jazz Festival as their design partner. Assuming the role of an Art Director, I created the annual visual identity and the key visuals used in a plethora of marketing materials from festival newspapers, brochures, ads, and posters, as well as different merchandise such as t-shirts and festival beer. I also provided layout designs based on the visuals used in a wide variety of digital and print platforms, as well as the merchandise products. ​​

​​About Baltic Jazz

The Baltic Jazz Festival is a delightful summertime event that finds its home in Taalintehdas, nestled on the idyllic island of Kemiö. This vibrant gathering attracts numerous attendees, often travelling by sailboat.  They come to enjoy the warmth of summer, enjoying picnics accompanied by the melodies of jazz and a beautiful sea view. The various visuals crafted over the years are designed to capture the festival's lighthearted and euphoric atmosphere, as well as the serene maritime landscapes that define the event.

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