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Leading designer of  Waltti Web Store UX research and webservice redesign 

  • Design Research

  • Workshop facilitation 

  • Accessibility evaluation (WCAG 2.1)

  • Creation of a design system

​Waltti is a public transport webstore used in several big cities in Finland. Waltti has an online service Waltti Webstore, where users can top up their travel cards or buy city bike and travel passes for public transport. 

I worked in the role of a project lead and managed a small team of UX/UI designers. I also did lot of the hands-on work myself. We started the project as a consultation and UX review evaluating the user paths, usability and accessibility of the site. The project then extended to full redesign of the interface.


The whole project lasted nearly 6 months, but in a nutshell, we

  • Evaluated the usability and user paths in the form of a report.

  • Evaluated the accessibility based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines in the form of a report.

  • Organized co-design workshops to create a common understanding of the most important user paths and their core problems. We also gathered knowledge and new perspectives from different stakeholders.

  • Redesigned the whole web service based on UX research and renewed the visuals of the interface to match Waltti's new graphic identity.

  • Created a compact design system documentation Waltti can use in their digital services to unify the user experience.

The web store is available here: 

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