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Leading designer of Waltti Web Store UX research and webservice redesign 

Waltti is a widely-used public transport website serving several major cities in Finland, including Oulu, Lappeenranta, and Mikkeli. The website features a web service known as the Waltti Webstore, allowing consumers to reload their travel cards or purchase city bike and public transport passes. In 2018, Waltti embarked on a project to redesign the webstore, aiming to enhance its usability and align its visual appearance with the updated brand identity. I took on the role of lead UX/UI designer for this project, leading a small team of two other UX/UI designers.


In a nutshell, me and the team

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with different parties involved with the service, such as representatives of Oulu City, the service’s customer care personnel, and technical experts from Waltti.

  • Evaluated the current state of the service and created a suggestion to improve the usability. We mapped the existing key user paths, their pain points and solutions for the pain points. Based on this evaluation we then formed a suggestion of improved user paths.  

  • Evaluated the accessibility based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines in a form of a report.

  • Facilitated co-design workshops to gather insights of the service from the key client stake holders, to create a common understanding of the most important user paths and their core problems, and to co-design the new user flows of the service.

  • Redesigned the whole web service based on UX research codesign workshops and renewed the visuals of the interface to match Waltti’s new graphic identity. Design process consisted of the typical UX/UI phases and documentation, such as forming a site map, a wire frame, the layouts and clickable prototypes.

  • Created a compact design system documentation Waltti can use in their digital services to unify the user experience.

The user paths of the old service were analyzed screen by screen, and pain points were identified. New user paths were then formed with detailed improvement suggestions.

We created a concise design system for Waltti, enabling them to keep their product look and feel coherent through mediums.  

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