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Myyrmäen taiteiden yö, art and culture event in Myyrmäki 2018

I created this event identity for a small culture event in Vantaa for the fourth time.


The colors for the identity were chosen so that the advertising material would stand out from everything else and create interest. I created 4 different color version to be used in the posters. The people spreading the posters were able to cover whole surface areas with the different posters and have more space taken over for the advertising.


 The event was organized by Myyrmäkiliike and Myyrmäkiseura, with the support of Vantaa City. Myyrmäkiliike ja Myyrmäkiseura are local movements bringing together the people of Myyrmäki and giving them a voice. The logo for the event is made by another designer.

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