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I designed the layout and visual identity for the website of OEP, a a company selling Finnish education solutions mostly to Middle Eastern countries. This was a project done at Agenda.

I was responsible of everything visual, from creating the layouts to choosing the hero images to the sites. The final icons on the site are designed by another designer. The icons on the layouts in this page are designed by me. ​

OEP wanted a lively and well selling website. they wanted a clear commercial edge to the visual feel. Oep also wanted to highlight the courses and projects targeted to the financial and business world. These aims come most visible in the image choices. 

We wanted to bring a digital edge to the site, as many of the financial courses also concentrated of the modern digital work possibilities. I had an idea to show modern work equipment, like cell phones and tablets on the site to give it a modern techy feel, but the images were taken off from the final site.

The site was designed by creating a handful of basic layouts for few different types of pages.

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