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Motion Cases

Show reel

Mesh sales video

Helsingin sosiaali- ja terveystoimi - influenza vaccines campaign 2018

Marketing and sales video infographics for Sandstar solutions

An animation created for data science and AI consultancy Emblica to advertise their product data catalog Mesh. 

I created an infographic video and illustration assets for an influenza vaccine campaign. Designed while working at Agenda Helsinki. 

Infographics and 3D visualisations for a marketing video produced by Saltrock Media for a client selling circular farming systems. Animations created with After Effects and Blender. 

Helsingin sosiaali- ja terveystoimi - contraception 
campaign 2018

Helsingin sosiaali- ja terveystoimi - recruiting campaign 2018

G-rex Musicus VJ content

An infographic animation and illustration assets for a campaign about contraception. Original still icons are created by another designer. The campaign identity used in the animation was conceptualized with a larger team at Agenda Helsinki. 

A motion graphic created for a recruiting campaign displayed in trams and metro's around greater Helsinki area. 

Animated content created for live mixed visual performance for a choir G-Rex Musicus, for their concert at Suomenlinna church.

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