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Emblica brand refresh, infographics
and more

  • Brand development 

  • Infographics and visualisations

  • UX/UI design, workshops, user interviews, user testing, prototyping and design documentation

  • Sales and marketing materials

I worked at a data science company Emblica between 2020-2022.  Embica is a data science and AI consultancy partnering up with the R&D departments of some of the largest tech companies of Finland.


One of my key tasks in the company was to redesign Emblica's brand identity. My focus was on visual aspects, collaborating closely with the Emblica team aligning the identity with Emblica's core principles. Emblica is an expert in their field, crafting custom solutions for complex technical challenges. Their distinctive goal was to stand apart from typical AI firms, avoiding blue-tinted science fiction tropes often seen in media. They sought to provide pragmatic, well-informed services. We chose visuals that reflect their grounded expertise, using a palette of calming white, gray, blue, and an accent of red combined with a modern the typography with a unique touch. Infographics played a pivotal role in the company's sales processes, and as part of the identity project, I developed a minimalistic and clear visual language specifically tailored for their utilization.

As part of the design, we renewed the website. I collaborated closely with the UX designer of the company to ensure we catered to the needs of the typical client profiles well and offered them meaningful user paths to discover Emblica's array of services and showcase their deep expertise in the field. 

One particularly engaging task involved crafting interactive hero images for Emblica's website, adding an exclusive dimension to their online presence. To conceptualise these images, I designed visuals and prototypes utilizing tools like HTML Canvas, 3JS and Lottie. These prototypes were fine-tuned by developers to align with web performance criteria.


My other core tasks in the company involved

  • UX/UI for data intensive web applications for various clients (further information restricted due to NDAs)

  • The design of infographics for different complex technical solutions, based on the interviews of the scientists, sales materials and other available information, refining it into text and images 

  • Maintaining the brand and website and producing layout materials for sales pitches, digital marketing and other use. 

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