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E93 Lounge & NightClub

I was commissioned to create a graphic identity for a nightclub. The club was located in the rougher east Helsinki. 

I had a change to be present when the brand for the new Nightclub was created. The core idea of the brand was to create something streety, that would still be neutral enough and not limit the target group. We agreed to create a theme that would sit in an environment where hip hop, reggae and other street style lives, like Brooklyn or Bronx, but wouldn't clearly represent any subculture too strongly.

I created a wild flowing pattern, that had elements from Zentage patterning, usually used in hippie or reggae related visuals. To balance this wild pattern I made a simple, strong lines in organized in  thight geometrical shape that gave structure to the visual identity.

The black and white colour palette in the visuals was designed so that especially the facade would stand out from it's environment. The club was right next to a shopping centre full of brightly coloured adverts and signs. Same applied to the environment where the posters of the bar would most likely have to appear – against other, very ofter very multicoloured event posters.

As a part of renewing the visual identity of the nightclub from inside brand I made a mural in the hallway leading to the nightclub. It is intended to bring personality to the club and bring the presence of the identity inside the club as well. 

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