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Kidz concept design

  • Creation of Kidz concept for a proposal

  • Creation of graphic identity for the KIDZ brand including logo, color specification, font specification, element definition, motion language

  • Motion mockups using After Effects showing the use of the graphic and motion language in webapp, smart TV and smartphone app

  • Creation of design system and motion style guides for UI elements with micro animations

  • Building motion prototypes in Figma

Prototype links 

patternsAsset 5_4x.png
patternsAsset 2_4x.png
  • As part of the Kidz concept, a set of reusable motion tokens were defined

  • Design tokens are a UX/UI concept, which helps to define and standardize the basic building blocks the designs and design systems consist of. Developers can utilize tokens and define reusable elements mirroring the token system. 

  • Motion tokens define the basic qualities for

    • Types of easings to be used ​

    • Basic animation durations

    • Effects

    • Triggers 

  • Take a look at the token system for Kidz concept here. 

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