Website for a company in AI field

I designed the layout and visual identity for the website of Paikallisliikenneliitto, a public transport union. This was a project done at Agenda. The information structure and actual coding of the site wasn't done by me, but I was responsible of the visual design.

As non of the pages were similar to one another, me and the service designer responsible of the information structure made a plan to create the page from blocks that could then be used in different order in all the pages. There were two list elements, one title and text element, one title text and image element and so on. This enabled us to cut down the amount of coding the execution of the site required. 

Paikallisliikenneliitto didn't have any kind of graphic identity. Although the identity creation was not officially sold to the company, I ended up choosing fonts, colours and some other design elements to tie together the look of all visual materials. I basically created them a light graphic identity although we didn't create a design guide.

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